I don’t gamble with my money.

How do we define gambling?I would assume the only picture/scene that would enter anyone’s mind upon hearing a word gambling would be the casino,be it table games or slot machine.

We all work hard to make our living,unless you belong to top 2 or 3% of people who are obscenely wealthy then obviously you don’t know that hardship.

I have seen near and dear ones and friends splurging at the things that they deem to be important,entertaining and somewhat necessary.I beg to differ in the way that they think and perceive the definition of the need and want.

What is the first question that crosses your intuitive mind when you are about to go on a shopping spree?

Are you thinking about return on investment,amount of satisfaction it may offer to you,How long it may last,will it give you pleasure ,will your loved ones appreciate and praise  you when they behold it,will your loved ones be impressed,will it be higher in value few months or years down the road and you plan to sell it for profit ,will it give you comfort, will it make your life easy and convenient etc.

How do you decide out of numerous available options which one is the best, the one that will serve your purpose ?

Your perception justifies the purchase ,but does it mean or prove that you are correct whether analytically or mathematically?

Have you ever repented purchasing something or felt that it was a waste of money and also it failed to serve the purpose?

My friend spent a couple hundred dollars in a span of 1 hour at the club for which he didn’t own anything tangible meaning in a physical form. Then as we were trying to get back home from the club we had to use public transport to get home.He spent an hour waiting outside the club in a frigid weather trying to figure out how to save a few dollars.The situation was that he could’ve hailed a cab to get back home the moment he exited the club which would cost him around $70 for a ride.On the other hand if he waited for an hour then a significantly cheaper option of public transport would become available.He decided to wait and save and get back home in just $7 dollars.Sure it’s a wise choice looking at he is saving $63 dollars by avoiding a cab ride.He waited for an hour on a street from 5 am to 6 am waiting for a public transport.

He may think he is wise ,did he realize that he simply blew $207 dollars and more importantly self esteem by waiting in a cold weather shivering almost like a homeless person.

Why spend $200 on something that delivers momentary and sinful pleasure , on top of it that is addicting and creates a never ending desire.

What did he achieve ?Nothing.

This guy could have used money wisely like buying nice clothes for him,a perfume,shades or something that could be seen by others meaning intangible.This way he probably could attract someone toward him and get more than he could by spending $200 at the club.

I would spend money on buying nutritious food ,it would improve my health. One who can control the senses is called the master of the soul and someone that God admires according to Bhagwad Gita.

I know and agree it is easy to say but equally difficult to act upon it .With proper training it is possible to restrain the fickle mind and gain control over it.

I also used to get an urge sometimes to visit those places but I have learned to master my senses.

Another example is where another one of my friends purchased a laptop worth $1900 and all he does is read and watch videos on it.This is the same friend who uses public transport to get around in the city.Must he spend such a hefty amount on a laptop when his primary goal should be to buy a vehicle to get around in the city.

(thank you, I will update this)

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