The feeling when someone likes or follows my post

It feels like they just told me that they liked what I wrote and would be interested in finding out what I may have coming up next.

It tells me that readers are interested in my work ,they enjoyed and were delighted to have stopped by.

They think and feel that my writing was worth their time.They weren’t disappointed and were actually satisfied that they visited.

I express my gratitude for their support and must in return produce interesting material to keep their faith built up and unbroken.

I promise I will try my best and make you feel great at my blog address.

In my life I have made some friends offline,some of them went to school with me starting from as early as kindergarten and up until high school,we bunked classes together, got caught and stood outside the class together, lost their touch , some stay thousands of miles away from me,some I saw last time more than a decade ago. I didn’t get to choose from a huge list or a pool as to which ones I wish to hang out with.
The advantage online world has is there is almost whole world and from this huge pool I can befriend anyone I wish to.


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