Am I a liar ?

If I were to define the word lie I would say something like this.

Lie: (verb)An act of intentionally speaking something that is not true and is misleading.

(noun)A dishonest and deceitful statement made intentionally.

I must say the word intentional makes the whole meaning different than the case/scenario  I am going to present here.

I can make my point by starting with example of different colors.There’s a whole spectrum of it ,I boldly make a statement here with almost certainty that most of the people know on average about 15 or fewer names of different colors and their shades.I know yellow , black ,orange ,pink ,green ,white ,maroon ,red ,grey , blue ,magenta and may be a few more that I am forgetting right now but do know them.Now let’s hypothetically assume there is a crime scene where I am a key witness then I have to explain a situation to someone and have to be as precise as possible and include every detail to give the most accurate representation of what happened and how it happened.My goal and intention are actually to precisely and accurately describe what happened.Let’s say the actual color at the scene was Acid green,then the closest color that I can name is green.This of course unintentionally makes me a liar.My goal was to tell truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.But my lack of knowledge with words caused me to say something that was actually a distorted truth.

There are some words whose definitions I don’t know.In fact I know there are some words that I haven’t heard of or read before.What this causes is inconsistency in communication and thus listener interprets it differently than what I actually wanted to convey.

I would like to conduct his experiment where I will watch a video that is about 3 or 4 minutes long.Then I will explain the story in words as accurately as I can.Then I will tell them that next I was going to show my listeners the video I had watched earlier and the story they just heard was a representation of that video. Then I would like to ask my listeners what were they expecting to see in a video after they had my story,how different two versions were,if my explanation of the story was close to what they saw in the video.The choosing of words can totally change the meaning in listener’s or reader’s mind.

The meaning of any story changes significantly when proper words are not utilized to explain the story.

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