To be opened by Anjali only.

I haven’t seen her in nine years,I miss her.I try not to miss her but I fail at that consistently.She comes into my dreams,sometimes.

The first meeting between me and Anjali was an unexpected and unplanned one.She wore a shirt with a sleeve size of 3/4th meaning the end of her sleeve was about 4 inches from her wrist, she was pretty and attractive.She shook my hand and the words from her mouth were “owww that’s a cold hand.“Whenever a girl I meet for the first time says something besides just nice to meet you ,it means that she is bold and outgoing.

Convent schools are known for their upscale student body. These institutions house smart students and those who belong to wealthy and powerful families.Anjali never stood first in class but she was definitely more intelligent and smart than the toppers in my school.I had introduced her to a couple of very smart students ,even they admitted that.

Her dad was a professor of Economics at IIM at Ahmedabad.I have heard that graduates from IIM-A are a great a pool of talent for giant corporations around the world.

She had told me once,the best things in life are free . I said I agree, as I wasn’t charged anything when she became my friend.

She told she wanted to major in psychology , at that age I hadn’t even decided anything about my career goals.I was still playing cricket on average 4 hours a day and woke up around noon,never read a newspaper.My dad had told me I needed to be more mature and sincere about my career,I realized what he meant when I heard Anjali’s goals and ambitions about her life and career.

She said she believed in God,that was about the only topic on which I could possibly connect with her and carry on the conversation with for long.Thanks to my overly religious mom who convinced me  me to go to temple with her from age 6.

On a sunday early evening I was resting my legs on a chair while sitting on a swing that barely swang about an inch back and forth.My eyes on the wall in front of me, I see a hot cup of chai that I had just prepared for myself lying idly on a teapoy  ,I can see steam coming out from the cup and vanishing into the air . The disappearing steam makes a seat of a bicycle visible which was fuzzy when steam was floating in the air.I realize I have been thinking for too long about her not because there were no more memories of her but because tea cup is not releasing any more steam.Chai has gone cold now I haven’t had one sip out of it and I am not feeling like reheating it . I know it is going down the drain ,just don’t know when.

That sight of steam vanishing helps me recollect fond memories of when I used to ride that bicycle and she would seat uncomfortably on that rod.I remember a day when her frock got stuck in the chain and spike wheel of that bicycle .

I remember her braces on her teeth , I have always felt that girls with braces look more beautiful and appear to be more polite .I am illogical when I make that statement some might argue but I believe it because I see it.

She enjoyed playing volley ball at school while I enjoyed playing cricket.

Once my and her class had a P.T.(Physical Training) period at the same time.She happened to be playing volley ball with her classmates and on the same playground I happened to be playing cricket, basket ball without court and a basket ,along with my classmates.

She made a promise to me once which I knew for a certainty she would not be able to keep.But I didn’t let my expressions reveal that ,I pretended that I was amazed at how the bond between us was growing stronger and our friendship getting deeper and more intimate.I know that in our relationship you were the only person to always take initiative to make the bold moves to bring us closer make more connected with each-other.It should have been my responsibility being a boy ,I am not saying she deprived me of that right because if I don’t do my job then of course you have to do it.I like how you proved that you care for me,you are loyal,you are true to me more importantly you knew even though I never explicitly expressed that I like you and long to be with you.You knew I enjoyed our every moment together but I never could express it.I thank you for recognizing it ,sometimes I could tell you knew more than I knew myself.

We watched Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar together at your place.

I remember how you got annoyed every time I did something silly ,by the way according to me those things were not silly at all.You would slap me on my forearm and say with a little anger in your eyes Aisaa maat karo (please don’t do that).

I remember sitting on a Rajasthani rug in the living room of my house ,how we played card games,you performed some card magic,pillow fights in my bedroom,those singing competitions and antakshari that you always won.

I am still saving your notes I had borrowed from you.On the last page you wrote my name 36 times in various ways .I remember you liked ad-gel pen with scented ink .

I remember how the ceiling fan’s annoying noise always irritated you,you would always turn the fan off and open the window.

Whenever there was a song or a movie of Amir Khan ,you would get extremely energetic and happy.I could see the excitement in your eyes and how you started humming the song.You remembered every single line from his dialogues.You also had his birth date memorized ,his first movie,his wife’s name,list of his movie titles and probably some other things about him that you never cared to share with me.On his birthday you wore fancy clothes ,one day I almost asked you if you remembered my birthday but I didn’t as I thought it would make you upset and you would feel that I was being insecure for no reason.In a strange and irrational way I felt insecure for a second that you admired him so much.But then the relieving thought would set me free that he was living somewhere in Mumbai , a few hundred miles away from your place.I knew you didn’t have a reliable vehicle at that time with you which made me feel even better not because it would restrict and limit your mobility but because you wouldn’t be able to travel too far and fall in love with someone.

I remember when my dad allowed me to borrow his car and we went on a ride to Akshardham.On our way back home against my will you made us stop by to have some dalwada from a street vendor.You bit on a really hot chilly unknowingly and you were almost choking.An employee from dalwada shop rushed to you with a glass of water.That innocent kid brought a cup with half his index finger submerged in water,but you drank the water anyways.I know you would never drink tap water outside and not at all when some brings it to you holding a cup like that quaint kid.You were coughing and I could see your nosestrills were watery and you were sweating from behind your ears.

You requested me to find the nearest kulfi place,I drove fast in an effort to get your mouth cooled.

(another unfinished ,unsorted,unorganized piece of incomplete work.God help me)Please like it and I will get motivated to complete this.


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