Thank you to all my online friends

You liked my post, you followed my blog. Thank you for being nice. We have never met before but I feel the connection. We have never seen each other but I feel we have that chemistry. I sense the friendship we are building here. I don’t know what you do for living, what school you go to, where you live but I feel we can relate to each other.
You are my friend, I care for you.
If you need help you can ask me anytime.
I can feel what you like and sense what entertains you. I know I have disappointed you sometimes by posting incomplete work with way lower quality than your preference, I am sorry for that. But you can count on me, I assure you I will post interesting stuff and try to keep it complete and in high quality.
I have the obligation, I know it.
I feel one day we will meet in real life, we will talk about things you like, enjoy and wish to do.


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