To all the classy, decent, sophisticated women.

You know even before you go to a club that there will be dozens of guys desperately trying to talk to you. It is harassing and annoying I can imagine that .  You also know very well that most if not all of them don’t even deserve to be acknowledged as they are so below your level and so desperate that if you passed one tiny little positive sign like smiling, nodding or even making an eye contact with them will be interpreted by them as you willing to dance with them or even worse sleep with them.
I just watch you from far and enjoy, I hate to be rejected and turned down.

Mislabel you as stuck up the truth is you are way above their class obviously you wouldn’t want to bring down your class so much that just for the sake of being considered nice and not stuck up you are not going to talk to them.
I like to watch you watch others and realize how guys slowly and gradually get physically close to you and bump intentionally pretending to make it look like it was genuinely accidental. They just need a reason to strike up a conversation and play their game.


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