I would like to make these resolutions.

On May 23 2015 01:33 a.m. I add these to the list of resolutions and goals.

I make a new resolution here that for next 365 days I will not spend a money on drinking coffee or any other drink at the stores,eating out at the restaurants,going to clubs and bars and other will avoid all unnecessary expenses.

I also need to be mentally prepared for this task.The following are the things I need to follow strictly to help me achieve this goal.

I will do yoga everyday .I will hold my breath for two minutes everyday( this I have already been doing not regularly but almost regularly , meaning in the past 365 days I have done for about 260 times out of 365 days.I also uploaded videos of those breath holding spells on Youtube.If I get one request in the comment asking for a link to my channel,I will provide the link here.)I will devote all my time toward learning.Learning English ,my goal is to become very proficient with English language as that could help me in many ways not only financially but also in relationships and my personal life.I strongly believe that you tend to catch the characteristics , traits,principles,energy and aura from people you are surrounded by.I will go to library regularly to keep me motivated and encouraged.I will read a book a week.I will take note of all the words that appear stranger to me and learn their meaning and definition.

I also will not drink alcohol for next 365 days.Originally I had made a resolution on new year that I won’t have any libation for next year but now I would like to extend it till the may 23 of 2016. I will not watch any adult or pornographic content and refrain myself from engaging in any such activities that could distract me and become hurdle in my path .

I will stop all unwise activities and focus on my goal,which I know will provide me with eternal bliss.I

As I finish up my post I see on top right corner of my screen the time is 01:33 a.m.I will write here for my reference that May 23 2015 at 01:33 was the time when the post was uploaded and resolutions made.

Last but not at all the least I want to thank everyone who has supported me.I know I have a lot to gain by following this and I will become happy.God is with me.

God Bless you all.

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