I saw her at the mall.

Red shirt,black curly hair dangling just above the waist,coffee cup in one hand,red lipstick ,little dimple on your right cheek,blue jeans,black ankle shoes.

I know you knew I was looking at you but you didn’t want to acknowledge so didn’t look at me directly once.That’s fine I am not angry or upset.

One time you were looking at the glass wall of the store and in the reflection you saw me looking at you and you suddenly looked down to break the unintentional eye contact.I can understand you are shy.

I was at Kohl’s buying slippers for myself,waiting in a line to be waited on.You suddenly appeared and was seen entering the store,I got excited and my heart raced.My lips dry ,I looked down at the bag for nothing,maybe it was to convince you that I wasn’t looking at you in the event that you looked at me.Just about 2 feet ahead of me,there was a rack ,you stopped there to take a look.My wishful thinking was telling my mind that you stopped there to talk to me or so that I would feel easy to strike up a conversation.But I know it was none of that and you were there simply looking at something you might want to purchase.Excuse my wishful thinking,I’m sorry on its behalf.

Now you went further inside the store ,I saw you heading to the same department that I was in 10 minutes ago.

I was at the checkstand and the cashier couldn’t scan the tag on slippers.She said “Can you please get me a one with a clean tag?”I found it rude that cashier asked a customer to go get a new pair.But I was not upset with her in fact I was happy because I knew I would get to see you again.As I was walking toward the shoes department,I saw you still standing by the rack looking to find the right kind,your kind.

I picked up a pair with a clean tag on it ,that would be easily scanned.I was walking back toward the checkstand and now you weren’t there.I wonder where you went.

For some strange reason I was feeling that we could have a chemistry and we are like minded people.Because me and you both went to the same mall on the same day,visited the same store and the same department and almost at the same time.Isn’t this enough to be convinced that we are people who could get along easily.

I go to that mall once a week.I feel that the encounter will occur again.You may say it’s just my wishful thinking but I know you’re wrong.If I were you ,I would take a hint as God doesn’t send too many signals.But it’s your choice,your life,your preference .


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