How far is your destination?

The route taken will determine when you will reach the destination.The speed at which you are traveling will determine when you will reach there.But……..But……….But……… you may run into many obstacles,hurdles and problems while en route to your destination.

This lays out a plan of your life. The strategies,approaches,methods,calculations, school and college education,forecasts , decisions,fallacies,fortune and what not ;all these and more are considered and looked at when dealing with a life.

Preparing to succeed ,goal inevitably becomes hard as the competition is fierce and cutthroat.

High during the tide and low in the ebb, change is the only constant. The economy impacts our calculations and forecasts making our decisions false unexpectedly. Be it a job or a business the source of income does to little to none to solve the problems.Before the race begins , a goal must be made and more importantly it should have boundaries.Why decide when to stop?Why not keep going?A goal not accomplishes can make one depressed and also demoralize.

Deciding to marry at a certain age or when you feel you have come off that age can become daunting as other tasks haven’t been completed by that age.Catching up with time and due events can send one in a mode where risk-taking become essential and necessary.

Basic expenditures can not be cut down.Need and want will part ways.

(Again incomplete work published,I am sorry you all.I get angry ,mind gets diverted in a different direction and then the desperate want to see likes and follows occurs.At least I am happy I am keeping up with resolutions and am gaining wisdom from it.)


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