She looked gorgeous walking down the mall.

Miles ahead of me was the mall ,where I had never been but had heard of it.Heard good things,that it has nice stores,fancy clothing accessories,costly jewelry stores,upscale restaurants,luxurious watches and designer suites .If you happen to be there for a couple of hours ,it is very likely that you will spot a celebrity shopping there.

One ought to dress sharp to avoid the feeling of embarrassment. I wore a slim fit shirt by Calvin Klein that I had purchased from Macy’s and  Levi’s 411 blue jeans.

I pulled into the parking lot,the cars I saw were all fancy.I saw two ferraris one rolls royce  and a few maserati,tesla and other brands.I parked my car next to dark black Maserati and went into the mall .I have never seen such affluent neighborhood where almost every person looked so classy and sophisticated.

(huh……again an anger attack and a big distraction which left me stranded on a wrong path for about 20 minutes and then I suddenly realized and tried to get back on the track.It leads me astray,I wish I could stay consistent and stable .I can’t focus and loneliness is killing me ,I desire a friend,good friend.I am sorry I couldn’t complete it,but I may later.Thank you all for your kindness and compassion.)


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