I need a girlfriend.

I wish to sit by her ,look into her eyes and quietly listen to her . I want to share my thoughts and emotions with her.
My life has a purpose that begs to be served.
I want to go to a movie with her,share my views, be a critic for a moment most importantly wait and listen to her follow-up response. Maybe she will agree with my thinking, maybe she will discuss and explain to me how she thinks differently. Maybe she will teach me how I am wrong,maybe she will say “hmm.. Ya…everyone has their own opinion about things ” I will try my best to catch sarcasm but I may fail.
Her voice maybe low or high pitched ,it could be thin or heavy.
I will ask her what she likes in clothing, food, books, gadgets, traveling and some other areas that I can’t remember right now. This way I know her likes, interests and prederences and I can give her the gift that will amaze and surprise her on her birthday. This presents will build a memory in her mind and mine. That ought to create a bond between us. I wonder she would know how to cook, but that wouldn’t be a problem and not at all a deal breaker for I know how to cook. I prefer eating at house and seldom go to the restaurants.
I feel that at public places I waive my right to relax, unwind and just be myself.
(again unfinished) sorry all and thank you for your continuous support.


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