That’s not how friends depart

School days were sweet and evergreen ,I know you agree too.I remember sitting under a huge banyan tree ,talking about career plans,why India lost the cricket match against Pakistan and how angry you were at the moment,your dad wanted to shoot the T.V. screen,some were so upset that they went on a fast for next two or three days,discussing how the players could improve the bowling,also sensing that the game could’ve been fixed by bookies.

No one knows how time defeated me,memories are witnesses and circumstances are calling for justice.

Dry leaves of the trees,walkways dappled by sun, the playground ground where we played cricket,bicycle racks ,same ground which was covered with water during monsoon and how we used to throw stones to create ripples,that drinking fountain room where we used to quench our thirst after getting exhausted at playground and sometimes just to pour some water on head to look cool in front of girls,flattening the scooter tires of professors that we disliked,feeling sad when the girls we liked didn’t show up at school,those scary pranks on friends where once a student placed a pen right underneath the seat of a student in front of him as he stood up to answer the question of the professor and when he flopped down it was pierced in his behind and he bled enough to scare himself and others,it all felt like eternity but it all had to end and it did eventually.

Bunking lectures to play snooker at a nearby place.I remember seeing a cute girl there once and everyone encouraged me and cheered me up to go and talk to her ,but I refrained from approaching you.

I miss you ,soul feels hollow and it longs for a friend an old friend.I stare at the walls and think back in time ,even act out to make it more real .

(i’m sorry it is unfinished again as usual.The urge to gather likes has taken over the intention to complete the post.)


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