Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Here I explain and examine the plot,characters ,places,storyline and more.This is actually the way I keep notes while reading a book because in some books I can’t remember or catch up with the characters and their roles,so to help myself understand the plot correctly I write notes.I thought I would put them here so you can see and enjoy.If you have read this book in the past then may be it will help you re-live that moment and refresh your memories.


Narrator is 80 years old and shivering from cold.Narrator is at the hospital who being taken care of by two nurses.

Noah callouhn is a 30 year old man who is very lonely.He has a dog named clem.

Gus is Noah’s neighbor who is a 70 years old black man.

Noah and allie are in love deeply.So much so that Allie decides to visit Noah just three days before her marriage and stay with him the whole night.

Sarah and Finn are Noah’s friends from young age.

Lon is a lawyer who is getting married  with Allie.

Anne is an artist who is very good at making paintings.

Noah worked for a scarp yard place where he made his living by working a strenuous job.

Anee nelson who is Allie’s mother finds out somehow that she had been staying at Noah’s and visits her there.


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