Why I don’t approach and try to talk to girls

I am very cautious about my image and reputation.I wouldn’t let my respect get hurt.I am at the club, I see an attractive girl or a woman and I feel the urge to strike up a conversation with her.

Rejections gets me in the mode of depression and give me low self esteem.Why should I look for you and talk to you?

Why can’t you just offer a big smile and even initiate to talk to me.Why should I always have to initiate?That gives you upper hand,now you can decide whether to reject me or accept me.Whether I asked you to dance with me,grab a drink,sit and talk for a minute or two or ask for a date?Why should I give  you the opportunity to say no?By saying no you are not only making me feel worthless but also feeling great and appreciated for yourself.

Why should I hand you the opportunity to embarrass me in front of the crowd.

If you are interested ,you can come upto me or offer a big smile as if you’re grinning from ear to ear.I am not desperate,not at all.It’s your choice whether to walk up to me or not but other way around will never happen.

I have lived and can live alone for many years .I don’t need to convince anyone on that.Next time you see me at the club or any damn place and I don’t approach you, don’t assume that I am shy.The truth is I am happy and having a good time ,if you think you’re brave enough then you may approach me.

God exists,and I know that.He will give me what I deserve.

I will be waiting……….


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