Of all the possibilities ,the tragic one came true.

On saturday night,a wild night with all the late night parties going on in the city,a city of San Francisco.I admit with full heart that I was lucky that night,hmmmmm…. let me say I was randomly  selected that night to be favored.Luck is something I stopped believing the some moment I quit religion.

She was on the second floor ,looking down intently looking st the sea of people dancing away. and grooving to the music.I approached her and said hey where’s your drink?

 She turned around just a little and stated we don’t want to lose this spot,can you get us a drink?You don’t have to and we will still dance with you ,we don’t care. What are you timing ? She went on to say pointing her eyes at my cellphone and raising eyebrows?

I am holding my breath.My best time has been three minutes and 30 seconds.I can also hold my breath underwater. At this point my mystery is cleared about her statement we don’t care . Another girl appears who happens to be her friend and she is the one she was referring to when she said we.This girl is so pretty that I had low self esteem talking to her ,I couldn’t even make eye contact with her.Now the girl I was talking to kisses me on my left cheek and then right one.

Then they said leaving please secure this spot for us.We will be back with the drinks.

I knew they wouldn’t come back.I left after waiting desperately for 10 minutes.I went to every corner of the club looking for her,to my pain I found her cuddling with another man.Both sitting on the stool,his hands under her behind.I bit my lip,called myself an a****** for blowing an opportunity.She definitely wasn’t the classy one,but then again do I have such a nice life that I would care at this point?

Her friend comparatively way better.I had told her friend you look like Anushka Shankar ,she is a well known indian sitarist. She didn’t respond to that comment,infact I felt that for some strange reason it might have made her upset because of the way she rolled her eyes at my comment.

The only why I had the courage to talk to that girl ,the one that kissed me on the cheeks not her classy friend is because moments before that I had seen a guy stop a girl and talk to her for good 5 minutes .This girl that he was talking to was classy and sophisticated.She must be depressed that she stopped to talk to a guy like him.May be she was bullied in school and got low self esteem or whatever .I just know that he didn’t deserve to even stop her let alone talk for a few minutes.

I kept circling the club looking for someone who might be willing to dance with me and more but nope ,it didn’t happen.I remember her,her friend,how she kissed me .And will never forget the a****** who didn’t even kiss her back.

I don’t know what the heck I was thinking.I could have scored ,but missed an opportunity.Blonde hair,healthy breast,intoxicating smell of her perfume,mesmerizing touch of her lips on my cheeks won’t be forgotten.Her manners .huh……..I can just go on and on and on.But will it bring her back?Will it arrange our encounter again?Or even her friend?


Only after I got back home,I got all the dialogues I could have delivered to impress her and secure my spot with her and maybe even with her friend.Here’s the list ideas,things,speeches,dialogues,punch lines that shrouded my mind when I got back home.

Now that you have kissed me on the corners ,I will take care of the center.

I wanna taste your lips.What are you doing after the party?I can take you home.

I wanna take you home and make all your fantasies turn into reality.

Without even asking asking all this I could have simply kissed her.

I have always had a fantasy of threesome.I want to know what it feels like,is it a pain or a pleasure?

I can get a room at a nearby hotel.

You took care of the cheeks ,I will take care of the remaining areas.

haha,But really what’s freaking point?If all this comes to my mind after the show is already over.When I used to work at a store,someone yelled at me IIIIdiothhhh….. I got angry at him which I shouldn’t have.As evidently he was right.



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