Scams of big corporations.(Sprint)

Sprint cut your bill in half event.If you are currently with Verizon or At&t you are invited to join Sprint and pay half of what you paid with with your current provider.After learning the realities you will feel like cutting the Sprint executive in half who came up with this BS.

This is how it works.

You have to turn in your old phone,which might be worth from $10 to $400.They claim they will buy out your contract with current carrier and you don’t have to pay any penalties charged by your current carrier for early termination.

You have to buy a new phone which could cost you from from $50 to $700 with them after turning in your current smartphone and not getting a penny for it.

If you don’t turn in your current smartphone or if it’s not in mint condition then they won’t accept it and charge you $200.

Not to mention you are obligating yourself with a two year contract with a carrier whose service has significantly lower ranking than At&t and Verizon.


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