Manchurian flavor Maggie from India .

Here are the last pics of the Maggie as it is now banned in India.I am sad but at the same time I should be happy that I won’t be putting in any unhealthy food in my system.


It took me about two minutes and it was ready,when I say two minutes meaning after already bringing the water to a boiling point and then counting two minutes from that point.It tasted delicious,it had a kick at the very end I mean almost after I had already chewed it completely and swallowed it, I felt the spicy kick.


I just like the sight of it more than taste of it.How I can coolly curl it around my fork and keep spinning the fork until it is not dangling off to long at the from below.I sometimes hold it high from my tongue about 4 inches and let it drop as I spin the fork in opposite direction to unwrap and let it drop.



Oh Maggie I am going to miss you so much along with a billion Indians .image

I have to find your alternative ,please tell me the name who it is that closest to you but not quite you.imageI will be waiting………I know you are going to respond.


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