Are we lazy and negligent by nature?

When in social settings and surrounded by a sea of people ,the thoughts that control my mind are creative and enlightening than when alone.Whether that determines someone is introvert or extrovert is secondary or may be even subjective at least in this case as the point I am trying to make here is how we and our brains behave differently.

When surrounded by people ,the thoughts that occupy my mind are : I must join toastmasters and become an impressive speaker,I must write a thought provoking blog on this issue(homeless people in America,How to clean the city and keep it neat,how the laws should be made and implemented to ensure that citizens are safe,How to dress sharp,what others look for in people,How to start-up a business ,Ideas that could change the world by applying innovation,how to approach and talk,how to spend wisely by making the right decisions etc.

When I am back home.

This world won’t change with just one person’s blog,I have such little number of followers that my dream will be a dream,I have a goal that is not practical and realistic,who is going to read my b log and follow or implement what I had to say and request,they don’t care ,I am not a powerful politician,Such little number of people read everyday who’s going to read my not so popular blog,how can I possibly become a fluent and impressive speaker English isn’t even my first language,first I need to learn and become proficient with English language then comes the speaking part,to startup a business so much technical knowledge is required and I don’t have a degree in business field such as MBA,dressing sharp is not going to attract any women towards me as they look for wealth in a person,doesn’t matter how wise decisions you make regarding spending you can’t achieve what you desire if you have’t accomplished excellence in academic area.


A real person must know…….let me define a real person first.

A real person is one who believes that excellence can never be obtained as it sets no limits to perfection .While on your way to become good at something there will be other arena and areas where you may be required to become active if you want to enjoy life.Fear of failure,rejection,fiasco,embarrassment,shame must be overcome with spirit that to enjoy one must attempt and it’s axiomatic that when attempts are made ,failures are there.Sure it’s an option to become a wimp or a loser and take a backseat at every activity but one ought to know the sad fact that flavor and charm are gone from life when opting out of everything.A real person embraces the reality bravely and accepts the fact that everyone can never be on the first spot but not winning doesn’t equal to losing.In fact just taking part in the competition proves that you have the guts to accept the defeat with a smile and a bravery to be challenging to others.

A real person must know that there’s no guarantee whatsoever doesn’t matter how much you try to become excellent at something.Hard work never guarantees a top spot and not claiming the top spot is not the end of life.Take part in all the different areas not just one that you have taken up as your life’s goal or a career goal.Be happy to take part,not sad to have failed.After all failure will teach you more than success.

At this point I wonder if the better fitting title would be:

Are we overly cautious about our ego?

Are we overly cautious about our self esteem?

Are we too worried about our image in the society?


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