Whether I should buy iPad or android tablet?

typing experience.swype is more convenient.I can swipe on android using swype,touchpal and a few other apps and type fast and conveniently.With Apple I have to press each letter and type.Also with android keyboard size resizeable unlike ios.

Charging and being able to find the charger when away from home.With Ipad if you forget your charger at home then it will be almost impossible to find it or borrow it from someone as you can only use apple’s charger and also it has to be the same version.Ipad 1’s charger will not work with ipad air 2.

With android you can use any tablet or phone’s microusb charger.

Screen Size.Android comes in various sizes from 7 inch to 13 inch tablet.With ios you only have two options.

Voice search.now is better than Siri.Google now can perform more actions and functions than siri and also google now sounds more realistic and less robotic.Google now is also intelligent as it reminds you of air flight,appointment with doctor,etc unlike siri.With siri you have to set it up to be reminded.

More free apps on android .Android has tons of apps to choose from while ios offer a very little selections.

Syncing with drive,picasa,gmail.Google has its many services for notes,photos so they are synced,while with ios you have icloud.

Android also has fingerprints scanner.Andoid tablets can be unlocked with fingerprint and face detections and voice options as well.While ios only has fingerprint scanner to unlock.Also with ios you can only type numbers as a 4 digit password making it less secure .With android you can use letter and numbers,special characters and the maximum character limit is higher ,around 8 or so.

Camera with more megapixel.Some android tablets come with rear camera of 16 mps and front with 8 mps.latest ipad has rear camera with only 8 mps and front with 3.5 mp.

Maps from google is evidently better than apple.Gps,street view work better with google maps.

Chrome browser has better integration within android ecosystem.with safari you have to enter passwords for other websites each time and while with chrome on android it can remember your passwords for other websites and chrome has extensions that can make browsing smooth and easy.


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