She smiled at me.

I was on the phone talking to cops ,actually just pretending.On my way to work,actually already in the office building at the bottom floor.I entered the building just about four seconds before she entered the building from the door in opposite direction.My left hand by my left ear holding a phone,my head tilted to the left as if trying hard to listen to what other person was saying on the phone.

She smiled at me four good two and half seconds.I looked at her blank and didn’t smile back.

I wish to see her again,next time I promise to smile.But now I wonder if she will smile back.May be she will try to get even,may be even so upset from last incident that she will even try to falsely accuse me,may be she has forgotten all about last time and doesn’t even recognize me now so she will smile,may be she does remember me but doesn’t care and fret over small things so she will smile again .


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