Do you believe in luck?

A luck,an opportunity,a chance,a random occurrence.

How do you define it?Your definition can change the meaning and thus function of the word luck.But I would define it like this as I feel others think it is the definition of luck,so it is not what I believe.

According to others luck means:A destiny ,a favor done to a certain individual or a group or a region etc. by some supernatural power like God.This favor is done regardless of the hard-work done,attempts made,patience shown,commitment made toward a goal by an individual.

Now what I think luck means.By the way this definition of luck I have derived from my personal experiences and life learnings.Watching others and observing and analyzing my own life ,events,occurrences,applying statistics,figuring out the logic and doing math of the probabilities etc have given me a precise if not perfect idea about the luck and its role in our lives.

Luck to me simply is Kartavya.  Kartavya is a Hindi and Sanskrit word meaning a deed. We are all given a task ,a deed ,an assignment to finish.Who assigned this to us?Someone did apparently; it could be The God,A divine power,a supernatural entity,a spirit,the results of our deeds from our previous life,the evaluation of our deeds done in the past in this life etc.

When you finish the assignment completely and successfully ,you will see the fruits.That is all there is to luck .

If you finish the task ,a reward is waiting there for you.Before finishing it ,doesn’t matter how hard you try you will fail at every attempt of trying to enjoy the fruits prematurely.I have seen rich people going through depression,so much sop that some want to and others have committed suicide.Humans believe with wealth they can attain whatever they desire and never realize that there will always be a hole or a void which can not be filled

I have also noticed poor people with a happy smile on their face .They don’t have much to desire from life but are enjoying the lives.

Luck is a kartavya not a fallacy.

good luck and bad luck will follow you like a shadow depending on your deeds in the past and how genuine and true you are to your commitments and yourself.God helps those who want to achieve and march ahead.Luck is always repelled by lazy individuals,negative people,those who don’t strive for success.If you are working toward your goal,are committed truthfully, taking the assignment and task seriously and willing to accomplish the goal by a certain deadline then you will always be fortunate.


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