She asked me out.

On the school campus I was walking and he approached me to offer this good news.He is the brother of her female friend. She asked her female friend and she knew I was the classmate of her friend’s brother.

Thursday was the day when students were not required to put on a uniform meaning they could put on anything that they desire.

She called me on the phone at my home and scheduled a time and place for encounter.She said she would be there with her friend so I mentioned I would be there with mine as I didn’t want to be intimidated even though I don’t know how it could possibly be intimidating instead of even more exciting.She said ok that’s fine and it was a deal.I agreed obviously as I had seen her in school and found her to be pretty.Pretty in fancy clothes on thursdays, even prettier in uniform on the rest of the days.For some reason I found her and also other girls in my and other class to be more attractive with uniform on than with non-uniform clothes.Maybe I perceived their characters to be more docile and obedient with the uniform on which was strangely exciting to me.Maybe it was because of how she wore the uniform uniquely ,is it ironic to use the word uniform and unique in the same sentence?The strap or a belt around her waist that clearly separated her waistline from legs and stomach.The buckle in front that would shine every time she would walk and sun rays would fight her belt.How sun dappled her uniform and her hair bouncing on her shoulders.I remember the day she and her friend deliberately misplaced my shoe lying outside the classroom in which I was taking classes.

All in all I was simply elated and got a boost in self-esteem to have known the fact that a girl had asked me out and several people knew it now.It didn’t happen often region that I hail from during that time.A kind of unusual phenomena .

I didn’t have any clue as to where it might go but I was excited and delighted to have been given this opportunity.Me and my friend commuted on his motorcycle to the mentioned place .We got the table for four,I introduced my friend to her and her friend.She had her legs up lifted and knees leaning against the edge of the table .Her body language told me that she was not at all shy and she was confident sitting against a couple of guys.The way I interpret her sitting posture is as if she is saying with her body language and signaling me ,Go ahead and say anything you wish I won’t mind as I am friendly . She made me feel like we had met before. We ordered food called chaat which is an Indian delicacy especially when it comes to street food.But we weren’t at the street food canteen or a truck,we were at the restaurant.I must agree at that time I didn’t have much puberty ,I have developed puberty at a later age than an average person,that is not to say I wouldn’t have grabbed the opportunity if it arose.It just means that I would be shy and hesitant to take the first step maybe she would have to teach me a thing or two being a year younger than me .A little embarrassing but at the same time appealing and titillating.

When we met, our meeting was approximately 15 minutes long at the restaurant.Nothing further took place after that .Not that I tried and she refused but I just hoped something would happen.Didn’t call her ever after that,didn’t even try to find her in school and talk to her , not even her friend.

She is married now,I am happy for her.I am more happy because she is married to someone other than me.I wouldn’t be a good fit for her,I am unstable.She is very jovial and upbeat ,me not so.I wish her the best.

I at least want to thanks her for making me realize my existence.That I could belong to that circle and class.


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