What I like in life

Class and honor.

I believe in quality ,I want to state that I am a staunch believer in quality and class.

I know how aura ,vibe and energy work.When I use those terms ,I mean in a human body there’s a vibe which attracts the same type of people that match the quality of your thoughts and mental state and being.And that’s what I mean by those terms.I have seen that when I carry negative thoughts in my m ind and my mind is surrounded with weak energy I am bound to run into people with low class and status,get into some type of trouble and just overall have a dull time that no one wishes to have.Now one can’t simply have positive thoughts just by deciding and wanting.One has to work toward the positive task and accumulate such aura.What I have noticed is the current level and state of my aura and energy is the outcome of my deeds in recent past.When I say recent it could be as recent as last couple of hours or even last one week.I have realized that making firm decisions in life always helps me and I feel respected and have a high self esteem.And I am treated the same way also by others when I go out.

When I don’t do anything whole day and waste time acting lazy and have destructive thoughts ,I am treated in the same manner.Either I will be forced into the unwanted argument with low class people and doesn’t matter how hard I try to stay away from negative people ,some supernatural power just forces me in that direction totally against my will and then I have a bad time and sad mental state.

On the other side when I spend time creatively and proactively I am filled from within with such a nice and strong spirit that when I go out whether to a cinema,bar,pool hall,bowling alley,club or any other place where I am having a social time ,I just feel good and always meet nice,educated,decent looking,attractive people who make my day just amazing.It’s amazing how we transfer the same energy to others and they recognize the nature of it.Total strangers catch your aura and vibe which is like a phenomena to me.

I just pray to God that he keeps leading me in the right direction and always gives me hint as to which activities I must engage myself in to have a strong ,positive chakra,vibe and energy with me always so I have nice time and meet wonderful people with class and sophistication.

I hope this serves as an advice to you too,I would imagine that I can relate to you as you also experience likewise incidents.


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