When I feel low and depressed, Bhagwad Gita is my resort.

This book is exceptionally well written and it focuses solving the problem of human misery and suffering, besides concentrating on other things about life. When I read some chapters, it feels like it knows everything about my past and what type of individual I am.

I have read verses that accurately describe the events and their outcomes in my life. Sometimes it is intriguing to me that how can a book know and correctly predict about my life.
This has helped me to steer away from the path of ignorance and onto the path of wisdom. I have and will get rid of fright and lack of confidence.
I recommend this amazing treasure of knowledge to anyone going through pain, indecisiveness,lack of confidence, feeling lost, feeling lonely, attempting to become academically successful, to get a good health, mental peace, to have the ability to make correct decisions,look at the core of the matter and incident, get rid of illusion etc.
I have befriended this treasure of secrete about human nature and its elements. I am feeling glad and esteemed. It also emphasises on the importance of Yoga in our life and how we can sync our physical and mental state and always keep them in harmony to attain the blissful life.


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