She is guilty,I am innocent.

I never felt so comfortable around someone.She made me feel at home ,and it wasn’t even her home.Her clothing reminded me of a dress I have seen on an actress only in Bollywood movies.The long earring on hanging on her earlobes , shining and reflecting the overhead tubelight on my face made me feel special.

I felt like a hero playing a lead role in a movie against her.Her bangles made a noise that was mesmerizing and her earrings dangling on her earlobes and making half rotations hypnotized me.The mehandi better known as henna on the back of her palm almost felt like a real jewelry. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” quoted Leonardo Da Vinci ,I wonder if he looked at her and came up with that quote.But then again it was written or said by him before this amazing woman was even born.He must have said it looking at Monalisa.I could her classical music ,a sitar , a tabla , but the music was just my fantasy and wishful thinking to complement the scene and nothing else.

A sudden jolt was felt within me as I noticed her walking toward me,looking up at me.For first half a second she didn’t smile which scared me and made me more nervous.I blushed ,she probably noticed the color of my skin turning red as a tomato.She smiled like an actress ,with just her left half of upper lip shifting about half an inch,

I kept walking ,trying not to faint ,She saw me rolling my tongue out to help my dry lips.She saw my adam’s apple bob up and down quickly once.She was controlling my emotions,which no one has been able to do to me until this moment without speaking or writing.

My heart pounds when my eyes see either something exciting or something intimidating.I couldn’t figure which one of the emotions was causing it to pound so hard at this moment .




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