Can you please NOT help me?

Let’s say you take up something you have never heard of before,seen before or done before and you have zero knowledge of that area or subject matter.And you are given no instructions or training .At this moment the first question to pop up in your mind is “Okayyyyyy, How do I go about doing this thing?” OR “What’s the first thing I should do here?”

Whenever I am put in this type of situation thankfully ,I look for available resources and use the deduction method to come up with the best actino possible to start up the task.

Every new job that I have had on the first day my goal is to make sure I ask the fewest questions possible;accomplish the task assigned if any ; look as experieced ,confident and knoeledgeable as possible.Refrain yourself from asking any questions doesn’t matter how much your co-workers urge you to ask by being nice.

There is a whole basket  of reasons and a deep psychology behind why it’s important to not ask for help,  especially in the corporate world.

(1) You will be forced to figure out problems on your own and thus will develop a skill of having spontaneity and exploring the problems and applying logic .

I have seen and experienced firsthand and secondhand that if one waits to ask for help and tries a little more to find out the asnwer ,in most of the cases they will have the answer on their hand.Thus you can also maintain your self esteem and have pride that you did it on your own.It is a default human nature for majority of the people that we like to have assurance of other people for some reason we just can’t be confident on our own ability.

(2)You will not easily give up the right on upper-hand to your co-workers.

Once you ask for help ,then what’s ahppening is they the so called helpers are already making assumptions about you and your abilities.The more you ask ,the more they tend to look down upon you.

(3) You will look smart and a candidate capable of solving the problems on their own.Once you try this you will want to follow this strategy more and more and thus you will have a totally different mindset.You will feel the sense of responsibility as you know and realize that next time you have a question the only person to rely on is yourself.This encourages and drives you to learn more and more about the fundamentals.
(4) I have always noticed that whenever I ask for help the things only get worse and the outcome is far from expected as the correct result.What’s even worse is most of the times people I ask for help have less knowledge than me.It’s a human nature that when you ask someone for help they always tend to say yes and then come up with the answer even though thhey have very little to no knoeledge about the subject.As I am hearing their answer and opinion I am also laughing as to how little they know and how confident they sound.Dunning and Kruger developed this theory where they found out that the less skill and knowledge someone has the more confident they will sound.


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