If people were honest at job interview.

interviewer:Why should I hire you?

people:You need a candidate that is ideal,I have pretended to be the most ideal candidate.Your job is to find the best liar.

interviewer:Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?

people:You are going to pay me.I am a great candidate as I need some help.

interviewer:Tell me what this company does.

people:I care the least about that.what I do is fool people like you to make my way.

interviewer:what is your availability?

people:i know the answer anytime any day will make you happy like a kid when given a candy so I’ll say it.But the truth is I go out with friends friday afternoon for movies and then dinner.I go clubbing around evening time on saturdays and thuesdays.I watch games on sunday evening.I take three classes at school,better not ruin my school life and career choice.

interviewer:when can you start ?

people:Right away is the answer you want to hear but I am going on a vacation tomorrow for a week.Then I would need some rest after getting back.But I will just say right away to make you happy.

interviewer:congratulations you are hired.

people:congratulations my ass.I wouldn’t even want to see your ugly face if it weren’t for my financial struggle.Here starts my slavery .


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