Da Vinci code

A book that enlightened me, expanded my horizons when it comes to thinking about conspiracies .
I learned so much, I will read the book again to make sure I catch every single detail that I might have unfortunately missed.

Finishing reading a book is not important I believe. Grasping every detail is far more important. The more I patiently read the more I realize how much I had been missing.


3 thoughts on “Da Vinci code

    1. I have learned in life that anything you take up, you should learn all the contents of it. It’s astonishing how one thing comnects to another. I learned for example that math constant PHI has so much relevance and connection to other things in life than just being in a math textbook.PHI has significance in flower diameter, any human body’s ratio between different organs, the planetary system and other things.
      Doing anything sloppily doesn’t translate to learning and gaining any knowledge. Thanks for liking and commenting.

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