How to attain wisdom .


Lack of skills and talent can cause anger to take birth in a mind.

Fire is the nature of a such an entity.A flame can be only be put out by attaining wisdom.

The gap created by two opposing entities needs to be closed.

Desire,wish and intention are created by thoughts and deeds done in the past.

The resolution is to dive into the positive thoughts.Think and believe in the ideal intentions and goals that drive creativity.

Fury and frustration can be repelled by patience and wisdom.

There are levels of nature ,a human nature.

At the bottom are the ones who indulge in anger,sexual desires,ignorance and such vices.

In the middle are the ones who indulge in passion,food that is eaten to satisfy the taste buds and such.

At the top are the ones who attain wisdom by devoting their time to God,are of calm nature,have clean thoughts and such.

To belong to the top class one must follow the principles that are of selfless nature and divine and of the sort that believe in humanity.


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