How to prove

Ok.The goal behind this post is to show how one can read and not really understand how something works.You can get full credit in the class but yet you may not have any understanding whatsoever about the problem and logic behind solving it.I spent good 1 and a half hour trying to figure out how to prove this but then got on google and found how to so,ve it.but really I explored more when I couldn’t figure out on my own then when I actually found out the asnwer. Below is what I did before I saw the answer online. I just didn’t understand hoe hypotenuse ,opposite and adjacent come into play into proving this. I just kept trying to find the solution by using all the identities ,their I verses and other formulas and the relationship between identities. If I were to take the exam and this question was there of course I would write the answer that I found online but then again I don’t understand why that approach should be taken.

This couple of pictures you see above is what taught me the most. I had a feeling had I gone long enough I would have found out how to prove that. I wonder how many students pass the class like this and get the nicest grades .The fact is they don’t know what logical explanation is for their answer.


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