We are strangers , no obligations imposed.

No one has to know.. Just like we never met. Intentions not to be revealed. Our rights will pamper our desires. Fantasies will be fulfilled when it’s time. I know they are against it, we can keep it between us.We are happy, they are satisfied.
We move on, forget this thing, never ever look back, never ever talk about it. We will be strangers again.
A night not to be forgotten. A sense to be simulated. An adventure played together.  A man and a woman. A touch, the feel, the smell, the warmth, the moment. Time so short ,the intense desire to enjoy every moment. I am with you, your intentions won’t hurt me, go ahead I won’t mind. The night with clear sky, twinkling stars, I hear crickets, nearby seashore with waves collapsing on the sand. Your palms in mine, I gently squeeze them, you moan lift up your head and close your eyes. You just signaled that you want to be kisses passionately. I welcome and obey your wish, I bring my mouth closer. You feel my breath, at first you smile then I pull you by your waist and your nose makes a quick contact with mine. I smooch you on your Adam’s apple. I look at you, you are looking up eyes still closed and you are biting left half of your lower lip. I ask you, do you want more? You reply with rhetoric comment. Don’t you know the answer to that silly question? You grab my right arm rub your nails against my fur and say come, make my night. Make me happy. Then you wink and smile and pull me and direct me towards your room .
A river so quiet, it becomes hard to tell if it’s soothing and comforting or sad and depressing. Blue water awaiting the sailors. The shore with clean and white sand , dappled by the shadow of the trees. Wind at 5 MPH adding to the loneliness.
A buggy faraway,  barely audible voice of the kids.
(This post will be updated tomorrow with next scene)


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