How to interpret nightclub conversations.

1)Oh , I have a boyfriend. But thanks for asking.
(ans)  You are not hot enough for me. You are not dressed Sharp. You don’t look like someone who could make it rain on me. You don’t have a good game so you could not impress me. .There’s still a lot of time until club closes I’m hopeful that I can find someone better.
2) I am not from out here .
(ans) I am going to pretend I am not from here, otherwise you will start bugging me about meeting up again .I will say I am flying out tomorrow too far away so you feel that there’s no way we can meet up.
3)No I am waiting for my girlfriend. So I can not dance with you .
(and)  You don’t look sharp enough and also I don’t think I will be able to get a drink from you.
4) I am Rebecca, nice to meet you.
(and)  My real name does not have one letter except for articles from the name I just gave you.

5) I am sorry, but I am lesbian.
(and) I love bananas. If you were hot enough I would definitely put your dingdong in my downstairs.


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