The learning process.

The subject is the playground,  you brain is the character.

Your will is the stage.

Final exam is when the show will be over.

The syllabus of the subject is the collection of dialogues you will be delivering.

The time left before the show is golden period which you can utilize to make or break it.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION is the moment your heartbeats will become uncountable.

A career will be determined based on the performance.

The thoughts in your mind, could be the lazy ones or could be the inspiring or creating ones.

Stay consistent with your mission and be ready to prove your worth.Don’t let wayward thoughts occupy you and distract you.If you get monkey mind you will not care about the goal and will become shameless and insensitive to the realities of failure.

Just remember that your mission is your life ,you don’t strive to succeed you will die.

Look at it as an opportunity than a difficult path.

The more you try and the more you fail proves that you are inching closer to success.

Please don’t miss this opportunity ,make use of it as it will define who you are in the near future.


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