Girls downtown looking attractive.

 They dress nicely ,they know it’s a Saturday night and thousands will be eyeing them.  They enjoy being looked at especially by those who are attractive and rich ,have fancy cars. Those pretty women only look at those types of guys intently everyone else will be ignored.

It’s their choice ,I am no one to force them to look elsewhere.Who am I to request them to compromise with their standards? They may suggest that it’s a better idea to tell the other not so fancy guys to bring up their level and standards significantly high if they want to have a slimmest chance of being considered a candidate by pretty women. I know how it goes.

 Blonde hair,dark black dress in contrast of their hair,intoxicating smell of perfume,smell of the perfume so intense  that even after they walked past me I could sense the smell for good three to five seconds. I took a glance at them,they knew I was intently peering at them.No, they didn’t look at me but ,you know that look when you can tell when someone is looking at somethings but actually they want to look at something else.Or that look when someone is looking in some direction but you can tell by looking at their eyes and facial expressions that their mind actually elsewhere,they are just trying to avoid eye contact with someone .

I understand their point. I also don’t look at things that are not appealing to my eyes. I also wouldn’t like to look at something that doesn’t look fancy or interesting to me.I have avoided eye contacts with pale and unattractive  the past and I will continue to do so.Maybe karma got me.

Desire and intention almost never go together with ability and qualification.When they do ,it feels like heaven on earth for you achieve what you have been dreaming about.But rarely someone experiences that, I haven’t so far. 

They sip on their drinks holding a cup in one hand, the other hand resting glamorously on the back of the chair. On the same chair where there is a guy sitting. 


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