Laziness check. 

How do you know if you are lazy or not. We all know it is a sin to have laziness in our body, heart and mind but just how do we determine if we are sinners. 

We must set something as daily chores and if we regularly accomplish them then we are not lazy. But if we fail to do so then we definitely are lazy. 

Now the question becomes how do we know if daily chores that we have set are in the symmetry with requirements for the definition of non-laziness or a hard-work. 

Is there a certain amount sweat that must be excreted from our body so that we can not be called or considered lazy. Is there a unit of measurement that tells us that we have done enough physical work that no one can label us as lazy. Or is it measured by how many hours on top of being asleep do we lay down on couch. If I lay down on the couch the whole day but finish reading a good book laying down then am I still lazy. Must I walk /jog/run certain distance to be not called lazy?

Here is an example to think about. Let’s say I just finished eating, now there are some dishes that are dirty and need cleaning. I can put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or I can do them all by my hand. 

Am I lazy if I choose to use the dishwasher? But think about this, if I opt for a dishwasher then I have about 25 minutes on hand. I can utilize that time to read a newspaper, a good book, or even take a nap. But if I use my hands to clean the dishes then I may not be titled as lazy. But I will obviously lose those 25 minutes .

Which word has been lingering in your mind as you have been reading this? I believe the word is smart. Some may say you are a smart worker if you use dishwasher and use that time to do something else more productive . My question is are lazy and smart two contradictory words?


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