Santa Cruz, a surf city in California.

I have been to the popular spot boardwalk. This place doesn’t disappoint, I can assure you that. Whatever your age may be, there’s something to entertain you. From great scenery of the beach and mountains, to shops where you can purchase almost anything you have in mind. Weather is lively and people mellow.
There are nice eateries on the boardwalk to cater to your appetite. Amusement rides to thrill and excite you.

I fell in love with it so much that I wanted to move there and I am always looking for an opportunity to live and work there.
I have seen houses here that redefine the whole definition and idea of live by the beach.
The rides are scary but then again that’s just me as I have been told by people that I am very paranoid. I can spend an hour just listening to the waves at the shore .
Bookstores are amazing and plentiful, I noticed three bookstores within 3 blocks and I have been to a specialized Bookstore called books and music. At this wonderful location you can get books related to music and wide selection of music CDs and DVDs.
I saw a cab driver at 11:45 pm, this ought to show how safe this city is,and I can say confidently this woman was pretty enough that if she were to visit a night club at least a couple of guys would hit on her.
I remember the waves, their motion, sound, color of the water, the beacon, the feeling as the waves rolled toward me after flopping on the ground and  touched my feet .I get the sense of belonging and my soul relives the memory bonded with my past visits as I start thinking about life. I feel I become real and down to earth. I realize where I am and where I need to go, most importantly what I must do to get to my destination.
I saw three girls working at quarter past midnight at cold stone Creamery. Three round mirrors with a diagram of about two and half inches, a big screen TV, UV lights,  spotlights, dj stage, a raised stage where super confident and outgoing people can dance off .
At the seashore you will find sand that gets you relaxed when you are tired, calm when angry, patient when agitated. I saw restaurants serving hot dogs, garlic fries, nachos, pizzas, candies,(incomplete post)


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