Goal can be accomplished with a firm determination only.

Start with this by making it a daily chore.It could be as simple as holding your breath for a minute(make it challenging ,if you’ve already been doing it for more than a minute then you know how to make it more challenging),read 5 news articles ,walk at least 4 blocks,generate atleast x number of views on a video you would post on youtube,number of likes and follows you would get on wordpress,number of push ups you would do etc.The golden rule to remember here is that your goals should be challenging enough that they make you sweat and wonder for a moment if you will be able to do it but at the same practical and realistic enough that you can accomplish them .

Now make a rule that one or more of these chores that you plan to incorporate in your lifestyle should be done firs thing in the day.Meaning as you get up you have to finish the chores then only you can start your day with other acitivties like breakfast,meal,coffee  and such.

This way you will push yourself to accomplish these tasks as you know that before doing those you can’t have anything else.If you are able to do it for a week ,you will be able to do it for the years to come.Now how does it help you with your life’s goals be it success in the career,school,relationship,becoming organized at workplace.The answer is it translates to you becoming more punctual and regular with your schedule and you will throw away procrastination and laziness.This will instill the sense of priority in you .

Your body and mind need to be trained in a certain manner to achieve something.Success comes with discipline and knowledge.

It should be just like a prayer to God ,how all the theists pray the first thing in the morning .You will gradually see improvement in your life style and clutter free work desk and house.I have noticed and seen it and saw self esteem boost.I am more confident now as this tells me that I am a person who possesses the ability to achieve something and if I try harder and more I can accomplish bigger and more difficult projects too.

Thank you.


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