There is something existing,call it what you want.

You may call it chakra,vibe,energy,karma or luck.

This thing where everything seems to happen in a certain manner and pattern.If your chakra is strong you will see all the positive things happen to you,you will attract be it willingly or unwillingly like wise people and events around you.The level of confidence you get and self esteem you built depends on this.How others view you ,you will dress accordingly too be it consciously or unconsciously.

Your wish may be what your heart and mind desire but you will eventually only get what is in your chakra.

Now chakra is not something that happens randomly.It is a result of past deeds and hard work towards any creative activity.

No one can simply be lucky without any efforts .That’s why it causes me to cringe when I use the word luck here but then again most other words are hindi and sanskrit so I am forced to use it just to give you an understanding of what I intend to explain here.

You will see in your life that people who don’t have the characteristics to enjoy something are enjoying it and people with the skill set and qualification required are not able to accomplish and enjoy the fruits.

One works hard ,creates a strong karma.Be it attaining a college degree ,if you don’t finish the task ,you will always see yourself failing to enjoy almost everything in life and you will literally see people way behind you getting way ahead of you.

You will witness that individuals with positive chakra will achieve what they want.I would like to present an example here.

I have seen two different individuals trying to accomplish the same goal and they both use the identical approach.They both do it within a span of just 1 hour still one succeeds and other not only fails but also gets insulted and verbally attacked in front of people. In fact the person who failed catastrophically might have had more qualification that the other succeeded.

I understand that it could simply be just that case then the concept of chakra is negated but what if it happens consistently and creates a pattern.At this point it urges you to think and believe that some supernatural force must be controlling what you get in life and what you fail to get depending on your past deeds .

I believe in the existence of this ,call it what you wish.And I say this with a good inclination toward science and rational thinking.You are hearing this from a person that is logical enough that he doesn’t believe in astrology. From a person who knows that peter popoff ,benny hinn and others who claim to cure diseases and illnesses with a simple touch and a prayer are nutjobs who just want to make money and their target audience is defenseless,old,uneducated people.

Thank you .


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