Discipline comes with strict adherence to rules and standards.

Losing weight is your goal? Never break the rules of diet and exercise.

Gaining great grades in school is your expectation? You shouldn’t fail one day to commit to study hours.

Getting six pack or good muscles is your goal?Never even think of avoiding exercise even for one day.

It is a human nature that once you break the rule or a law ,you are very much likely to break it again in the very near future.

If you remember about your ownself or from a relative or a friend who are chain smokers,drinkers,pathological liars or do petty thefts often ,you know that they all started out with a very small amount of illegal and unethical deed and then just kept increasing.

I have done the experiments in my life and realized firsthand that this is true.The brain feels and thinks that it is ok to do these things since I didn’t have any punishment the first time I did something wrong so I can just keep on going.

My experiment was with the cleanliness in my car ,work desk and apartment not with any theft.

When I didn’t leave even one thing in my car ,it was always easy for me to keep it totally clean ,in fact I never even had to go through car wash from inside. But on the other side when I first left a coffee cup inside within a week I had receipts on the floor,pencil and a notebook in the drawer,about a dozen coins in the armrest box a box of the car cellphone charger ,socks and what not.

If you once just leave dirty coffee cup inside then next thing you know is receipts,coins,crumbled up dollar bills,pins and needles,food leftovers,bag of chips maybe even a pizza box,napkins and what not.

The moment you violate one rule about something ,your brain suddenly shifts into a different mode where it tells you that nothing went wrong as I did it.I didn’t get hurt,insulted,didn’t lose any money or my standard wasn’t brought down so why worry.

But in the long run it has many effects and you will witness them eventually.Mind is like water it will always travel where the downward slope is.

The goal should be to be very cautious and strict about the laws you have to follow to make yourself better.Never ever compromise with them.If you can do this you can achieve almost anything you wish to.


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