The law to succeed.

Success depends on laws that relate to the subject.
If I wanted to succeed in Astronomy subject at school, I would follow certain rules.
1. Read the textbook assigned for that course /class.
2. Learn, understand the concepts , which will help you memorize the material and the contents in it.
3.Have a discipline, make it your second nature. Examples :  You will read at least 50 pages of that textbook daily throughout the class. You will quiz yourself on that subject each weekend with at least 100 unique questions and pass with at least 95% score. If don’t achieve that 95% score, then you know it’s time to change your law and study more. Instead of 50 pages, you need to study 70 or more pages and focus more.
4. Engage in mental exercises to get better focus and concentration ability.Meditation and soothing mantra music with eyes closed can help clear mind of negative thoughts and leave behind fatasy mind.
5.Always have a piece of paper with study questions written on it.
6. Make the front cover of the book your wallpaper on phone and other devices. This way when you hold the devices they will remind you of a book and you can just reach for that paper with questions on it( as explained in #5. )
7.You can also record your own voice while you read a textbook by speaking out the contents. This way when you are away from textbook, you can just listen to your phone to study.
8.In the classroom, take initiative to speak answers and participate actively. This leaves a strong impression of you in classroom and thus you will be motivated to study even more and be prepared to answer questions of a professor.
9.Always set rules for negative and positive enforcement. Promise yourself  that you will only go out to enjoy  with your friends after already finishing the study task and chores.
10.If you can’t accomplish the study chores then you can’t even have any food.
Once you do this for a couple of weeks then it will become like your habit and you will follow this naturally as you will have instinct for it. The inbuilt desire which will help you achieve anything.
Thank you for your time.


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