To the woman who danced with me at the club.

Thank you .I realized what it means to dance with a classy person.You made me feel respected.I had the courage come up to you hold your hand and lead you to the dance floor.You agreed and danced with me.Frequently to match the tune of the music you erotically dropped your lower back on me.You let me place my arms around your waist then you hugged me,it was a very intimate hug,thanks.

The night went on ,you mentioned to me you wished to go to bar area as you needed another drink.Then I had to leave you as I was extremely exhausted.You were later a bit too intoxicated and sweaty.You still looked gorgeous but I am sorry perspiration is a big turn off for me.I am sorry I left you,hope we run into each other again.When you have newly and freshly entered the club and just began dancing not after you have been dancing for a long time and are sweating like a fountain. I hope no one took advantage you and you got home safely.

Please remember my advice because I care for you.The advice is the moment you feel uncomfortable you call the bouncer ,never wait and hope the creepster will go away.

Thanks for the time and that moment.


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