How it should have been.

You know what?I have been living in this area for last 5 months but never noticed this place.Today I had time and a will to give this place a try and check it out.Guess what happened? I am happy that I decided to come in.I am a musician by heart and enjoy the being around the people of same interest.


I am so happy that eventually I decided to check this place out.About twice a week I drive by this street and never thought of coming in.

There are so many various types of instruments inside this amazing store.It’s like a I just found a goldmine.Unfortunately today I can’t be in that store longer to take a look at everything I want to but I am definitely coming back here with more time on my hand to spend here.Looks like you have some interest in music too as I see you paying a visit to this store.


I am new to this area and haven’t yet made any friends who appreciate the art of music ,so I would love a company of someone with same interest.I am sure there’s something I can teach you and I am even more sure that I will get to learn something from you be it about music or any other art.

My problems when talking to girls.

Shaky voice,racing heartbeats,I am only able to speak what I have been thinking about before I saw her and after that I draw blank and if I force myself to come up with something then it is irrelevant and inappropriate.I don’t even give her the opportunity to speak and if I do let her speak then totally ignore her response and say something that is utterly unrelated to her statement.I am unable to keep the steady eye contact,I look away in the other direction and make her feel uncomfortable.She sometimes feels so uncomfortable that she is also urged to look into that direction afterwards to make sure that no one is hiding there who is about to attack her or that one of my accomplices could be there.

Oh God give me strength ,wisdom and courage to gain success not only in talking to girls but in everything I do and desire to achieve.


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