She said “buy me a drink “.

Standing in front of me, hands up in the air, facing her back to me, dancing and backing up until you touch my body. Thanks, you fooled me successfully.
I clasped my fingers into your palm, you clasped it loosely then let it go. Then you grabbed my hand by forearms, while I was still behind you. Thanks for the mixed signals. But I was happy you touched my hand. I leaned in to your left ear and said “tell me your name “. You said “Loren ” that’s what it sounded like, it’s totally possible that’s not even close to what you said. Thanks to the overly loud music in background. You asked me name “I said John “.Thanks for asking, it looked like you cared to know my name.
We danced more, then I said something in your ears. It was interpreted by you as ” oh you want to get a drink? OK we can get a drink ”
We made our way to the bar, I noticed how you authoritatively pushed arms of others to clear your way.
You placed your arms on the platform of the bar ,looked behind as if you were trying to find someone. Someone appeared after a minute, she smiled at you and you returned a sly smile and looked at me through the corner of your eyed, tilted your head and played with your hair. It was a swipe, you slipped your fingers in your hair around your scalp area And dragged it slowly down while smiling at me. Here the bartender is ready now to take your order. You ordered a fancy drink, you know the ones that are less in quantity and cost arm and a leg. While drink was under preparation, I brought up the contacts screen on my cellphone and swiftly put it in front of you. You caught the drift, you put your number in. I wasn’t excited as I knew it was a fake number.
Here comes the drink, cheers. The cup was so small I could hide it in my fingers and you could never find it. Then again why would you try to find it for you didn’t even like the clasp of my fingers with yours. Should have Let them interlace ,made my night. Your class conflicted with mine, accepted. I didn’t force it on you, yes you are welcome.
The drink, yes the drink, so tiny. It was $12 with a dollar tip. You gulped it down and before leaving you said, hit me up.
Hehe Sure, I tried to hit you up as I was desperate. No answer, no wonder, no guilt.
I left an hour after you did. I hope you enjoyed the game, I came home safe and had a decent sleep. I will be there again, not to run into you but to have you watch me with others enjoying the night.
Your hair, lips, smile, dance, dress, attitude will be remembered.


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