That battle against our own selves.

When we feel that something is achievable and possible to accomplish but as we attempt to acquire it and fail , we think of  somethings while analyzing it and tell our selves the following things.

I just didn’t deserve it and that’s why I couldn’t get it.

I am not made for that.

I am not yet prepared for that.

God is punishing me because I have bad Karma or bad luck.

I just didn’t feel the connection or chemistry during that time and thus nothing worked out.

I said of irrelevant and inappropriate things that could have become deal breakers.

I just didn’t have the impressive body language,I had a shaky voice.


The fact is this in at least 90% of the cases when we feel the above are the reasons.

  1. May be the person you were dealing with just didn’t have enough time on hand to be able to listen to you.Second meeting is always important in these scenarios where you could express your self with enough time and be given the chance to impress the other party.

2. The person was not in a mood to talk about that topic ,maybe they had something totally different in mind wanted to do,see,feel and experience the event or occasion totally unrelated to what you had to offer.Again second meeting here will give you the opportunity to succeed as the prospect client may be in the right mood,would want to listen and talk to you,you also proved that you are serious by arranging a second meeting which makes them feel and realize you are an ideal and sincere person and their time is worth it with you.

3. I heard in a podcast that the consumers make decision about purchase withing first 10th of a second.This is influenced by the appearance of the sales man and the business place and their appearance .If you look at it 1/10th of a second doesn’t even give sales man the opportunity to express himself and deliver the speech.Dress to impress,smell good .I have seen many times people in the business of selling themselves have unpleasant body odor and bad breath,these will become deal breakers .Like it or not regardless how much consumers like your product or services ,grooming standards and fresh smell will always play a role in the deal,a major role.

Your perception is simply the mirror of what you think NOT what the reality is.Don’t let you perception become reality.Learn the truth ,the reality ,the real reason why something works and functions in a certain way.


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