Last breaths here.

A soul so exhausted it desires rest for longer than usual. Demise of memory accompanied by the murder of wisdom. The blood, the organs slowly coming to a standstill, the eyes on the verge of blindness. Fainting spirit, a life so uninterested in living it restlessly awaits  the last movement in it. The final moments, the company of the shadow. The tree with dry leaves, reminds of the really old times when conversation took place when leaves were green with life in them. A swing with a book titled “Meaning of life ” , index page is dog eared now. Leaves on the floor, a trail of water going down the gutter,marks the end .of the life.
Gruesome, painful and tragic. Lack of….. Talent, yes that’s what caused the grief. The absence of competence  , the birth of anger and the presence of self destructive nature. Voices, suggestions from good Samaritans, the clear advice for betterment of life but all was ignored.
The death…………. 

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