The face of her.

My eyes lit up as I saw her looking at me. She intiated the eye contact and ended it too. One and a half second long, I enjoyed the moment. It ended, but I wish it didn’t. I am happy I was later given another opportunity, this one had a shorter duration. I saw a cat behind her. Wait…. Sorry, back to her. She had a bowler hat on, a buttoned up shirt, white shirt. A name tag on, I was able to read it. First letter was same as first letter of my name. The letter N, which made me feel connection with her. I felt my place around her league.
The only time I wanted to thank my parents for naming me. It wasn’t windy in San Francisco that day, the sun was intense. She could feel it, I could see it in her eyes.
A car that caught her attention, the engine had a sound that was exciting.
The driver in the car didn’t look at her, but she did glance at him. I wonder if she would look at him  had he not been in such a beautiful car.


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