She taught me something.

Her name is not known to me.She grabbed a guy’s arm, a guy she really liked and desired.
But I have never been so bold to do it .when I see a woman I like ,the most I can manage to do is look at her and smile.If she doesn’t smile back, I’ll quit and move on.
But this woman who taught me something was so consistent with her efforts. I could clearly tell the guy was not that much into her,in fact a couple of times I saw that guy ignoring her attempts to make eye contact with him.She was grabbing her arm and he at one point yanked it back towards him.
He kept resisting and yet she was so hopeful and forceful.
And eventually as the party ended I saw them both leaving together and holding hands. She got him after all.
I learned that being consistent helps you. But I keep feeling that if and when I try that method ,the woman will get angry.
She may even hurt me.I feel that I will be insulted in front of everyone. I don’t know if what I have been doing is correct or not. My assumption could be wrong but I just don’t want to take chances. I believe that any decent woman should clearly state that ” if you keep on asking me, I’ll call for help. “
Or something along those lines, so the guy knows not to try anymore and it’s time he quit.
I have more to say but I must fall asleep now.
It’s 2:53 a.m.  God bless you all, hope you all get a desired companion . It’s very depressing to not have a good companion in life. I wish you all the best. Thank you.


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