Is there a time machine to land back in childhood days?

Achievement and accomplishment are short of expectations,way short.

Memory of a childhood friend who wore funny spectacles , a friend who always asked me if I wanted some food from his lunch box even before he opened it for himself ,a girl who always smiled at me because she liked me but could never profess it,  the school campus, the professors, the giant banyan tree under who relaxing shadow we always sat and looked around and felt pity on the people and places that were not under the shadow, that guy from a different classroom who was told by his friend at the beginning of the school day that there was a little slit in his pant and finding that out he still decided to remain in school attended all the classes, the professor whose index finger ring scared everyone so much that the sight of his ring would force us to complete his assignments in timely manner.
The proxy teachers who had such quaint accent and a unusual way of conducting the classes that it was funny.
All this happened over twenty years ago, I miss the place,the people, the innocence, the carefree life,the sweet moments , specially the bond with my dad.I know he liked me back then but don’t know about now.
I have not lived up to his expectations.
Let this letter serve as a …… an essay titled  when we were young or maybe I should put a list here of all the candidates who quality to become a title for this essay.

Sweet childhood memories

The carefree fun

The no problem and no trouble timezone

The timezone when parents did everything

The campus where I grew up
The unspoken and unexpressed friendship
The rest under banyan tree
The list could be extended by brainstorming on possible names for this essay but I must get back to my grown up life or grown up self and deal with it.
Thank you all ,I am sure you all have those friends from school who are lifetime friends.Some professors that made you upset by scolding you and yelling at you but today you have realized that they were right and justified in fact you are thankful to them that they did it.You may want to see them catch up with them but alas you may not even be able to see them today as either they have gone to heaven or are reside somewhere far far away.

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