To the girl at yoga studio.

I saw you entering the class,you were late but no problem. In fact thank you for being late ,tardiness always grabs attention,specially if you are pretty.There is a huge wall mirror in the front of the yoga,thanks to the person who came up with that idea,even though their intention was probably different behind installing it there.

I don’t know your race ,I am assuming you are a fusion breed.I have always been attracted to off-springs of two parents from different races . There’s something special about those kids, I feel it’s because they learn both cultures and languages and thus grow up to be smarter and more beautiful than kids with biological parents of the same race.I  am assuming you are also good in school,oh here we go ,you are starting to make me feel inferior already.

That pony tail with dark black hair and your black top and a black yoga pant.I won’t ever forget,you may but I won’t.If you ever forget what you were wearing on that day , approach me .

You have about half a dozen very tiny spots on your back.But it doesn’t affect your attractiveness, I am just curious to know what it is. I had one big on the back of my wrist on one hand long time ago but it has disappeared now.It almost looked like a dial of a wrist watch. I believe it was a psoriasis.

Did you know there’s a starbucks and a cold stone creamery right behind the studio, a great place to go after intense yoga workout. I want to ask if we can go there someday after yoga session ,I wonder your answer will be in the positive or negative. I am going to take my chances and ask you one day,may be next time.

I saw you apologize to your neighbour today while doing that lifting pose on your yoga mat ,you apologized in advance because you thought you might kick her by mistake.I hope you didn’t kick her,if you did and she wasn’t nice to you about that,I am so sorry on her behalf.

I wonder what you did after the class,how you spent the rest of the day.Will you go out with me one day ,to a nice dinner? I wanna walk with you in a park,swing on a swing,have a nice gelato or ice-cream in just one cup because it’s more romantic than two different cups.If ice-cream melts and falls on your hand or shirt I will clean it I promise.

I wonder how I can impress you.I believe doing yoga like a pro may be the one reason you may be attracted towards me, I must stretch my muscles really hard .I don’t care if there’s pain ,I will take any pain to get you to look at me.This is great,now I am thinking of ways to impress you. I sweat a lot,  really don’t know if that’s a turn on for you or turn off. I have to see if you will come to that class again.

Please smile at me , I will look at you a few times during the next sessions. If you smile,I know I will have the courage to talk to you.I will speak boldly and make some comments during sessions ,maybe that could get you to smile at me may be even talk to me. When instructor asks her typical questions to the class like where’s your mind , where do you feel the pain , can you stand stable in that pose , forget your worries your past , listen to your body,pay attention to your breath,  I will utter a few words of comment which will most probably make you giggle. I will look you into the eyes and chuckle ,that should be the ice-breaker for us.

Please show up there at the same class that I am taking.I will be waiting.Thanks , Your friend or wanna-be friend.

Best wishes.


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