Don’t feel special if…….

You get a greeting from a pretty girl who is employee of the store you’re visiting and  smiles at you. She is doing it for her job, she is required to do it.She does it to hundreds of people everyday.

When you get an e-mail with your name mentioned and then the message follows.Everyone who is subscribed to that service gets such an e-mail.

If you get an offer in the mail for a credit card with your name mentioned.Because everyone gets it.

When someone or some company says usually I don’t offer or give out to someone but you look nice or special and that’s why I am offering you this.They say this to everyone to get their business.

When you go to a hooter or a likewise restaurant where employees are pretty girls and on the receipt you see a heart symbol drawn with a pen by your hostess.She does it everyone to get more tips.

When you get a greeting card mailed out to you by your insurance agent,hotel that you stayed at,or any other business where you have been to in the past.Because they do it to all of their clients.




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